Family house in Szentendre.

With these photos I'd like to show you a beautiful and exclusive work.
The huge tree symbolize the four seasons (6 m of tall one) uniform space and connect the two spaces.

Kép leírása

Discussing the steps of the work with the client.

The 6m the compilation of tall panes:
* 6 + 6 safety glass without
* double air chamber
* 8mm-es inner glass.

Erő,és figyelem!!300 kg.

Placing in a pane into the prepared metal construction.
Kép leírása

And the a dream came true. And yet something, which did not show till now is there. Look! There is a small bird on his nest!

birdie on the branch of the tree

Looking in into the ready flat.

Kép leírása

The last picture, a blessing: The spring came in the winter.

Spring in the winter