Czirják’s Art Glass

Hungarian pattern
Welcome to the colored world of Czirják's Art Glass! We are a family business situated in Hungary, Szentendre.

We make stained glass objects from the tineest to the greatest sizes since 1991. We build windows, doors, whole stained glass walls and floors as well as smaller special gifts, like mirrors, candle holders and fused glass jewelry. It is our passion to always improve our products and experiment with new designs and methods.

We use dichloric glass and Murano glass beads in our unique, handmade compositions in our jewelry. Check out our webshop from the Hungarian entry of this page (choose the world: "Webáruház").

Thanks to the professional packing and safety transport our artworks can be send anywhere. So we welcome client from all over the world

In 2012 we launched the latest "open art workshop" program.Anyone can view our artistic work between the phases during the preparation. For details and dates, see the Order page.

You can read more about the "open shop days" on Process Of Commission page.

Thanks for your time attention! I hope you will enjoy the trip in the world of Czirják’s Art Glass, as we work for a more colorful world!

In the following video gives a taste of our made jewelery.

The following selection of video works.