About The Price

1. The intricacy of the design

The biggest factor contributing to the price is, which determines the amount of time I will spend designing and creating your gift. More intricate designs take longer to create, so they cost more; less intricate designs cost less.
Intricacy of design is determined by two factors. The first factor is the number of separate pieces of glass per square foot. Designs with small pieces of glass (more pieces per square foot) take more time, thus are more expensive. Designs with larger pieces take less time, thus are less expensive. The second contributing factor is the shape of those pieces. Shapes composed of straight lines are the fastest to produce. Shapes composed of soft curves take a bit longer. Shapes composed of wavy lines and/or sharp curves take the longest to produce.

2. The size and the optional material costs

There are also two lesser factors contributing to the price of an artwork: [1] the size of the artwork and [2] optional material costs. Larger artworks cost more than smaller ones. However, if the same design were doubled in size (say, from one square foot to two square feet), the cost would go up but would not double because the number of pieces per square foot would go down. "Optional material costs" refers to inclusions such as beveled glass pieces, faceted glass "jewels", sandblasted glass, expensive imported glasses, or other fantastic additions. I rarely charge a mark-up on such optional items... I merely add on the wholesale cost that I pay for these options.

3. Shipping

It’s possible and safe to ship my artworks anywhere even to abroad. The costs are determined by the distance.